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Initially all, a cure for ringing ears, commonly because tinnitus, can be rare indeed. In fact, for those who have a condition known as “subjective tinnitus,” chances have you may only be able to get relief for those ringing, whistling and screeching noises in your head.

Does this mean the noises aren’t real – only brought forth by an over-active imagination? No, these noises are very real to tinnitus folks. In order to get relief from the ringing in your ears, you should try come across what caused these noises in the first place – then, you should be able to find relief .

Loud Noises

In over 80% of tinnitus cases, excessively loud noises can be blames for causing the ringing the actual ears. Loud noises, either one-time super-loud events, or years of exposure to constantly loud noises can damage the sensitive parts of the cochlea – the part that turns sound waves into electrical impulses for the brain to process.

If you are still exposed to loud noises, it is possible a tinnitus from getting worse by wearing ear protection – ear plugs or head phones. Also, ensure that the volume on your personal music devices (ipod, a lot of.) are turned down to a low levels.

Healthy Diet & Regular Exercise

After loud noises, one of basically causes of ringing in the ears is inadequate nutrition – a poor diet. Exercise, or go with the lack of, can play a role in the harshness of tinnitus. Good flow throughout the body, especially in the ears, can have a profound effect over the level of ringing ears.

Some studies have suggested that vitamin B12 may be a factor in reducing the severity of tinnitus, although extra a normal, healthy diet, additional doses of B12 are not necessary.

Smoking cigarettes, which has been proven to constrict blood vessels and cause high blood pressure, excessive drinking and high salt intake can be factors in your tinnitus.

Some Hope For Medical Relief

Since no official studies have been done on this procedure, this procedure cannot be referred to as true cure. But, it does offer hope.

Alternative Therapies May give Relief

Some tinnitus sufferers have reported that using a “white noise generator” helps their symptoms greatly. White noise, which can be the sounds of water or waves at the beach, can mask the ringing by supplying the brain some light noise to change the tinnitus tunes.

This technique helps those who have trouble sleeping because of the noises in their ears.

The important thing to remember may be the there are several treatments available to tinnitus sufferers. Use a few, and in all likelihood if one does not help you, there will be one that may well. Just don’t give up in your pursuit for tinnitus negotiation.